4 things that will make your Colonoscopy Prep no big deal


Prepping for a Colonoscopy isn’t any thing any one wants to do. I have gone through a few preps in my life and have gotten it down to a not so terrible experience. Below is my list of what you need to have on hand to make your time prepping as pleasant as possible.


Maybe its all in my head, but drinking the prep through a straw really helps get it down. I can drink more at a time, and I believe it helps bypass at least some of my taste buds. I made sure my prep was chilled and drank it through a straw last time and it was much easier.


Having some thing to do really helps keep your mind off the fact that your body feels posessed, and makes the time pass faster. My Kindle, Netflix, game apps all help. I always have my phone since I am usually hold up in my room all night, to communicate with my family if i need to. Make sure all your devices are all charged or that you bring the cords with you.

Wet Wipes, and Vaseline-

No one told me this the first time, and I really could have used this tip. You will be visiting the rest room A LOT. Use the wipes, and apply the Vaseline every time, if you don’t you will be hurting just a few hours into your prep. On that note, this is the week to buy the expensive super soft toilet paper. You’ll thank me later.

Water, Water and more Water-

Drink as much as you can, I always get very dehydrated, which is a big problem when they are trying  to start an IV before the procedure. I like to keep a glass full of Ice water with me at all times the entire week before the prep, you can never have too much water.

If you want more information on the procedure I follow the week leading up to my colonoscopy click here.


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